High Impact Actions for Retention

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This website brings together key resources for five of the highest impact actions, tailored to every stage of career


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Evidence shows that there are two important principles to successfully help staff stay working in the NHS:

  • Specific interventions to impact at early, mid and late career stages.
  • Offering a blend of high impact actions is more effective than a single action.
  • Ways To Stay was curated by a team, including nursing and midwifery colleagues from organisations across the Midlands. It is for leaders and line managers to implement within their own organisations. 
  • As a line manager or leader, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start in supporting individuals who are at different stages of their NHS career.
  • By referring to this website, you will benefit from more engaged teams and staff who feel recognised and supported, leading to the improvement of the retention of your workforce and positive changes being made to the effectiveness of care across your organisation.
  • This website and the accompanying Ways to Stay guidebook are divided up to provide practical advice on each of the five high impact actions, along with real case studies from people working in teams like yours who have felt the benefits. You can access the five actions separately or use them together.
  • You will also find Top Tips and useful activities to encourage discussion within your teams or one-to-ones.

The five high impact actions for Nursing and Midwifery retention

Dame Ruth May OBE, Chief Nursing Officer – England, and NHS England recently wrote to all NHS organisations, asking them to prioritise five high impact actions which are known to help nursing and midwifery staff stay working in the NHS. 

You can read a copy of the letter here: Retaining our Nursing and Midwifery Colleagues.

This Ways to Stay website, guidebook and other resources are the Midland’s response to Ruth May’s challenge.

When staff feel valued and supported in their roles, they are more likely to experience higher job satisfaction and improved morale, therefore less likely to consider leaving.

Improving staff experience is a key part of the NHS People Promise.

“When excellence in staff experience is achieved, staff become inspired to be the best people they can be at work, which in turn delivers the best patient care”.

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Use this website, guidebook and resource library to help your staff stay working in the NHS.

Your team’s personalised journey with Ways to Stay will be unique, depending upon your individual responsibilities as a line manager or leader and your organisation’s approach.

You are in the driving seat and can decide how and when to explore each action.

The resources have been designed to be as flexible as possible; there is no set order. You can…

  • Use this website, guidebook and resource library alone to help you work through each of the Ways to Stay and implement the Top Tips.
  • Use this website, guidebook and resource library as a small team of leaders to work on a specific action, such as menopause or legacy mentoring.
  • Use this website, guidebook and resource library with your teams and work through the suggested activities for each action, this may be in 1-1s, small groups or team meetings.
  • Revisit or repeat any of the actions or suggested activities as required, maybe in a month, six months or a year.

This website works in conjunction with the Ways to Stay guidebook.

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To improve your own knowledge and understanding of all or a particular action

  • Visit the relevant action page and read through the information and access the resources in the resource library.

To embed a particular action within your teams or organisation

  • Visit the relevant action page and read through the information and access the resources in the Ways to Stay guidebook and library.
  • Work through the Top Tips for Implementation.
  • Work through the video and written case studies for inspiration.
  • Visit the Team Activities section in the Ways to Stay guidebook.