Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Integrated Care Board

What interventions or actions did you put in place to support nurses or midwives?

As an Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland System, we commissioned Henpicked, known for their menopause related work to train 15 menopause advocates. The aim of this programme is to enable colleagues to understand more about the menopause, including its symptoms and ways to manage them, where to signpost for help and how to support colleagues experiencing menopause to make informed choices.


Why did you decide this was important?

The structure of the Menopause Advocacy training supports and vocalises individual menopause experiences, providing a platform for peer support. It is important as it provides an opportunity for colleagues to meet other interested colleagues/advocates, learn from each other’s knowledge and experiences as well as understanding how better to contribute to a growing movement of employer support.


How did you go about it?

Our Menopause Advocates are from varying backgrounds across our organisations. They champion menopause in their areas, for their organisation and for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Integrated Care System. With the training they have received they are equipped to deliver menopause awareness sessions. We arrange for advocates to co-facilitate Menopause Awareness Sessions which are open to all delegates working in the system allowing for our workforce to learn more about menopause and providing a space to talk about menopause.  We have regular check-ins with the advocates to share learning and best practice as well as sharing any new information about menopause.


How do you know it has been sucessful in supporting colleague's to continue their NHS Career and not leave the NHS?

Providing menopause support for our workforce allows them to understand more about themselves and feel supported while at work whilst also giving colleagues a platform to talk about menopause. They can see that their employer cares about their concerns.

Our Advocates who are based within NHS organisations have the knowledge to be a point of contact for their colleagues who are struggling or would like more information regarding menopause.

From data collected between January and June 2023:

– Between 6 sessions delivered there was a total of 168 bookings (on average 28 delegates per session), over half of these bookings being made by colleagues working in one of our NHS trusts.

– Delegates who attended a session scored the content 8.5/10 for usefulness.


What 3 suggestions would you make to colleagues considering implementing similar change?

1. Do it as a system

2. Train more than 15 menopause advocates if funding allows

3. Keep in contact with your menopause advocates, provide a space for them to connect, learn and share