Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

Menopause Wellbeing Toolkit and support package

What interventions or actions did you put in place to support nurses or midwives?

We created a Menopause Wellbeing Toolkit – communications of support available (counselling, physical health support, lighter uniforms, access to Hormone Replacement Therapy)

  • Henpicked menopause awareness training (leaders and colleagues)
  • Women’s staff support group – monthly meetings
  • Menopause wellbeing cafes in-person/online
  • WhatsApp support group
  • Utilised our engagement and wellbeing officers based at inpatient settings to share support offered with clinical staff
  • Weekly wellbeing sessions and events
  • We have linked our menopause offer to staff annual appraisal.


Why did you decide this was important?

Menopause affects a large proportion of our workforce, (nationally statistically, 8 out of 10 menopausal women in work) and we understand the link between staff wellbeing and retention and positive patient outcomes and so menopause wellbeing has been made priority to create a healthy and safe workplace for our staff and patients.


How did you go about it?

Our Health and Wellbeing team focused on the support offer.  We trained 5 menopause advocates, linked in with our women’s staff support group and gained feedback from staff to understand what support they needed and held a Menopause Wellbeing Task and Finish group to deliver the toolkit.

Ongoing support is offered from the Health and Wellbeing team and advocates.


How do you know it has been sucessful in supporting colleague's to continue their NHS Career and not leave the NHS?

Staff have feedback how supportive and helpful the offer has been in terms of ensuring they feel supported, listened to and heard. Staff feedback has been collected by our regular in-person Health and Wellbeing roadshows, staff surveys, online events and via our evaluations.

Staff have shared that accessing the support has enabled them to keep working and to stay well at work.


What 3 suggestions would you make to colleagues considering implementing similar change?
  1. Listen to your staff- ask them what they would they find helpful.
  2. Focus on menopause awareness as awareness is needed for everyone whether you are experiencing symptoms, supporting a colleague or managing someone
  3. Provide support that is sustainable, accessible, inclusive and provides a safe space to talk about menopause.