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Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust

Implementing the National Preceptorship Framework

What interventions or actions did you put in place to support nurses or midwives?

As a trust we are absolutely delighted to have been awarded the National Preceptorship for Nursing Quality Mark. We want to create a safe space where staff can really celebrate what’s going well and feel comfortable to discuss any worries or concerns, they may have. Our aim is for staff to feel valued and supported with a real emphasis on wellbeing, resilience, and professional development. We now offer more supervision, have protected time in practice and have additional support in place for our internationally educated colleagues. We are passionate about getting preceptorship right. All feedback is very welcomed, and we use a ‘You said, We did’ approach to continuously improve the programme.As a trust we have:

  • Updated the preceptorship policy, programme and portfolio to meet the national standards
  • Focused on wellbeing and support
  • Increased supervision
  • Increased support for internationally educated professionals
  • Protected time for preceptors
  • Ensure all staff get a minimum 2 weeks supernumerary
  • Introduced a 12 -month celebration event
  • Introduced the LCHS Preceptorship Journey
  • Promoted the new programme


Why did you decide this was important?

As a trust we know that preceptorship is key for integrating professionals into the work environment. The evidence base is clear that when staff experience a good preceptorship this helps with recruitment and retention. We want all staff to feel valued and appreciated and to be confident that their voice can be heard.


How did you go about it?

We had a small team of three working on developing and delivering the new policy, programme, and portfolio to meet the national standards. This was achieved by making a clear project plan, ensuring deadlines were met, delegating work to members of the team, and reviewing this on a regular basis to ensure we were on track. Throughout the process we had the preceptorship standards to hand to ensure we were meeting the expected standards. We are flexible in our approach to meet the needs of each preceptee.


How do you know it has been sucessful in supporting colleague's to continue their NHS Career and not leave the NHS?

The new programme was launched in August. We have reviewed evaluations and are in the process of acting on these to continuously improve the programme. We do not know at present if the programme has been successful in retention and recruitment of staff as the programme is new. We plan to review retention statistics at 12 months and 24 months post programme. Our aim is to provide personalised preceptorship for each person on their own individual professional journey.


What 3 suggestions would you make to colleagues considering implementing similar change?

1. Promotion of the programme and engagement with team leads- We have shared information via internal comms, on social media and have attended a managers’ forum to promote the programme and explain who preceptorship is for as a lot of people still think preceptorship is just for newly qualified staff. This has significantly helped, and we are seeing an increase in staff being booked on and communication with managers.

2. Act on the evaluations to make changes and improve the programme. We have implemented a ‘You said, We did’ approach to evidence we are listening to our staff and acting on the evaluations we receive.

3. Make the programme fun and interactive