Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Menopause Guide, Toolkit and Support Package/Family Leave Policy


What interventions or actions did you put in place to support nurses or midwives?

Our Menopause Guide and Toolkit and a 2-year support package for staff was launched in 2022. We have signed the Menopause Workplace Pledge:

  • Recognising that menopause can be a challenge in the workplace and our staff need support
  • Talking openly, positively and respectfully about Menopause
  • Actively supporting/informing employees affected by the menopause

Virtual workshops and café style events are available to support staff. Sessions are recorded for those unable to attend and many staff have accessed these sessions/recordings to date.

We are also one of the first Trusts to enhance our Family Leave Policy to offer pay and time off for families experiencing fertility treatment, pregnancy loss, and early childbirth.

Why did you decide this was important?

We wanted to support staff/managers to:

  • Understand more about menopause, the symptoms which may affect them and possible treatments
  • Give confidence to enable individuals to discuss this with their manager
  • Provide reassurance regarding adjustments which could be made to support people at work while experiencing menopause and aid retention.
  • Be able to signpost towards support which may be available for staff

Regarding our Family Leave Policy, the changes ensure that we can support our staff to have the time and space they need with their family to process, grieve and begin to heal at a time when they need it most.

Sue Smith   DCNO   Oct 22
How did you go about it?

Our Health and Wellbeing Steering Group sourced funding for the 2-year Menopause support programme through our Hospital Charity and engaged the services of two external providers to deliver the daytime and evening sessions.  These sessions are widely advertised and recordings are available via our Health and Wellbeing intranet pages.  Posters have been developed for wards and departments to advertise sessions.  The two external providers also attended our recent Wellbeing Matters Day event.

promotional video showcasing our new Family Leave provisions was also produced and is available on our Trust website to support in attracting and retaining staff.

How do you know it has been sucessful in supporting colleague's to continue their NHS Career and not leave the NHS?

We are in the process of evaluating the success of our Menopause support programme and are pleased that many colleagues have already accessed the sessions and/or recordings.  Developing a supportive culture through our Menopause Guide and Toolkit and our enhanced Family Leave Policy provisions can only help to support colleagues to continue with their NHS career and remain working for the Trust.

What 3 suggestions would you make to colleagues considering implementing similar change?

1.  Widely communicate availability of support sessions/new enhanced benefits using social media alongside other Trust communications.

2.  Create a video to share on your Trust website to aid the recruitment and retention of staff.

3.  Work in partnership with your Hospital Charity to assist with funding to support new wellbeing initiatives.

“Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust recognises the impact the menopause can have on the working lives of staff and is committed to the continuous development of a supportive culture where compassion and understanding is shown to colleagues who are going through this stage of their life. Through our Menopause Guide, Toolkit and Support Programme we hope that colleagues will feel supported, will have the confidence to speak up about menopause and will know where to go to find more information when they need it.”   Sue Smith, Deputy Chief Nursing Officer, Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust