Preceptorship Actions

Overview and Resources
October 2023

Find out more about how offering high-quality preceptorship experiences can benefit your organisation, team, patients and service users.

Why does it matter?

  • Preceptorship supports nurses, midwives and Allied Health Professionals to transition from student to accountable practitioner – getting this transition right will have an impact on staff recruitment and retention rates, patient satisfaction, and quality of care.
  • The NHS Long Term Workforce Plan includes ambitious plans to increase the numbers of students and trainees in the NHS.  If these students and trainees are to be retained as part of the workforce, they must be given a positive learning and training experience, and preceptorship is an essential part of that experience.
  • Offering high-quality preceptorships shows the individual that the organisation values and respects their role and is prepared to invest in them.  
  • Developing and supporting experienced staff to become preceptors is an opportunity to increase their own knowledge and skills and develop their careers.
  • Creating a supportive learning culture in an organisation will benefit all staff.

How will this benefit my…

  • Offering high-quality preceptorship experiences to preceptees will retain them in your team.
  • Creating a team environment where staff are supported to learn and develop will benefit all members of the team.


  • Helps them develop confidence as a practitioner and consolidate their learning.
  • Supports positive socialisation into the working environment.
  • Provides important peer support.
  • Encourages a greater commitment to the profession and greater levels of job satisfaction.
  • Supports health and wellbeing.


  • Allowing newly qualified staff to learn and develop with a supportive structure around them ensures the safety of patients.
  • Committing time to support newly qualified staff to develop means they will be better practitioners and patients will receive improved quality of care.
  • Supporting and developing staff, supports improvements in staff experience and staff engagement, which directly correlate to improvements in patient experience.


Top Tips for Implementing

You don’t need to worry about completing all of the tips. Pick a few that feel achievable to you as a starting point.
You can then revisit them later.

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How will I measure the impact?

  • Establish a data baseline in relevant staff groups (e.g., current leaver rates, sickness absence rates, staff engagement scores) and then track and monitor over time.
  • Useful data is available in Model Health System. You can register for an account if you don’t already have one as well as from the National Quarterly Pulse Survey, NHS People Pulse Survey and ESR Exit Questionnaire. Your organisation may not yet use the NHS People Pulse Survey or ESR Exit Questionnaire so it is worth considering who you could speak to about using them in the future.
  • Track the numbers of preceptees and monitor their experience of preceptorship through surveys, evaluation, and feedback. Microsoft Forms is an easy application to use for a survey.
  • Invite preceptees and preceptors to share their experiences and use them in local communications to highlight positive preceptorship stories.
“We wanted them to feel supported within their clinical areas and have access to a vast wealth of information and also experience as well.”

Lyndsey Beardsley, Professional Development Lead

Case Studies

Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The team at the Trust introduced a high quality preceptorship programme to support newly qualified staff in their transition to clinical practice. They wanted to ensure preceptees had constant support and a safe space to speak up, plus support not only in the education centre, but out in clinical practice too.

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Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust aligned their preceptorships with the international model, ensuring preceptorship support for both domestically trained and internationally trained midwives. The support system ensures staff are supported throughout their early career and transitioning into the clinical workforce.

Watch the video here >
Grey Precep

Nottingham CityCare Partnership CIC have been awarded the Interim Quality Mark in National Preceptorship for Nursing!

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Grey Precep
Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust
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Grey Precep
University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust (UHCW)
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Grey Precep
Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
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Grey Precep
Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust
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Grey Precep
Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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“If we can keep our midwives in a job or in the profession means that we can continue to provide safe care to our patients. So safety is paramount and we want to continue to do that

Samukeliso Sibanda, Retention and Recruitment Midwife